September 8, 2023

The bright summer sunshine may feel like a welcome reprieve after a year cooped up indoors, but Hong Kong humidity can quickly turn things stifling and frizzy. Get a well-deserved break from the heat with a dip in one of Hong Kong’s most luxurious pools, where you can relax and recharge with scenic views of towering skyscrapers and Victoria Harbour.

The highest rooftop pool in the world, the W Hong Kong Wet Pool is a must-visit if you’re looking for a glamorous swim with a view. Perched on the 76th floor, it’s surrounded by the city’s iconic skyline and Victoria Harbour, with a stylish mosaic wall to make for a stunning backdrop in your summer Instagram pics. You can also order snacks and drinks at the pool bar, and even enjoy a jacuzzi and sauna after your swim!

A few weeks after the outbreak, public pools across the city reopened to the general public, though with reduced capacity. Many were only able to operate partially due to staff shortages, with some of them closing lanes and facilities reserved for swimming instruction. The decision was met with anger from union representatives, who warned that opening pools partially will negatively impact swimmers and industry development.

Despite the recent easing of restrictions, some pools still have strict rules in place, especially when it comes to children. In the past, the rules were a major deterrent for families to visit pools, but this is no longer the case: some of them have been requiring parents to wear a nipple guard for their children, while others are restricting access for babies who are not yet able to hold their heads above water.

Some of the best pools in Hong Kong are found at hotels, which offer their guests a little slice of luxury to escape from the busy streets of the city. With a variety of swimming areas, you can choose from indoor, outdoor, and infinity pools, and even opt for some splashing fun with the kids at their kid’s water park!

You can also float in the water and soak up the scenery of Castle Peak Bay marina, or kick back and relax by the pool at the InterContinental Grand Stanford hotel, where you’ll be able to gaze out over the Victoria Harbour. The hotel’s biggest pool has infinity edges that are sure to take your breath away, while the tea deck dining area is a great spot to enjoy cocktails and food after swimming.

Whether you’re on a family vacation or planning for a romantic getaway, these pools are sure to provide a perfect respite from the hectic pace of everyday life. Check out our list of the best HK pools and plan your next refreshing retreat!

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