Singapore Prize and Earthshot Prize

singapore prize

The biennial Singapore Literature Prize awarded top literary works in English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. It honors authors of books deemed to best reflect the spirit and values of Singapore. This year’s pool was smaller than last year, an effect of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic on publishing, but the shortlist of 49 books includes strong work from a number of new and established writers.

The prize carries a cash purse of 3,000 Singapore dollars (US$2,160), as well as a commissioned trophy. It is presented to authors whose works resonate with readers, whether in terms of their subject matter or their authorial voice. It is organized by the National Book Development Council of Singapore and is in its 30th year of operation, having begun in 1992.

A multi-generational housing complex in Singapore is getting accolades for fostering social bonding among residents of different age groups, and helping seniors stay active and healthy as they get older. Designed by architects at Design Edge, the Kampung Admiralty project has 104 apartments for senior citizens, divided into three strata. The upper and middle sections of the building are primarily for private use, while the lower section is publicly accessible, featuring gardens, terraces and even a “hawker center,” which offers residents a space to enjoy food from local vendors.

In a move to boost the credibility of news and information, Singapore’s Ministry of Communications and Information has launched a competition that encourages artificial intelligence developers to create models that can recognize audiovisual fake media. The contest is part of a five-month initiative to attract the AI community to help design and test models and solutions that can easily detect audiovisual fake media.

The Earthshot Prize was created by Prince William to highlight projects aimed at “protecting the planet.” This year’s ceremony will take place in Singapore, following events in London and Boston last year. In addition to awarding the winners, the event will feature a week-long series of events called “Earthshot Week,” aimed at mobilizing and scaling innovative solutions to protect the planet.

Singapore is a gateway to some of Asia Pacific’s fastest-growing economies. It’s also a popular destination for doctoral students, with the city-state offering funding to international researchers and links to leading universities worldwide. The Singapore Government’s Research and Innovation Grant is available for PhD students to help them develop their research skills, establish global networks, and take their research careers to the next level. Learn more about the Grant and apply here.

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