Protecting Personal Data in HK

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In order to protect personal data, HK’s laws have strict rules for how it can be used. For example, companies cannot transfer a person’s data outside Hong Kong without the person’s consent, and they must keep the information secure. Moreover, they must inform people what they’re doing with their data. This is important to help prevent data breaches.

The government has set up a website to let residents request access to their data, and the website will require users to declare that they won’t use the information for illegal purposes. Chung said the move would give people control over their own data. However, he also acknowledged that it would be difficult for people to control the flow of their own information when it leaves the territory.

He added that a detailed action plan to facilitate the free flow of data within the bay area will be developed in the next few months. The tech chief also noted that the mainland has a high threshold for data leaving its soil, which is higher than the threshold in Hong Kong. “We want to have a much lower threshold for our local people,” he said.

Google has complied with three out of 43 requests from the Hong Kong authorities for user information in the second half of last year, the technology giant said. It said it was following its global policy on responding to government requests for user information. The company will continue to assess each request and provide relevant data only when it is legally required, it added.

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